Hello from where I’m supposed to be

Like most, I’m staying at home right now, and like many, there’s a lot of uncertainty to look forward to. What better time to come back to WordPress? After all, I can’t spend my entire waking life shaking trees on Train Island.

It's a Frisky Dingo reference! It is absolutely not a Drops of Jupiter reference and you have to leave town if you assumed as much.
It’s a Frisky Dingo reference! It is absolutely not a reference to a band by that name and you have to leave town if you assumed as much.

I’m fortunate to consider the extra free time a luxury; I know this and do not intend to overdescribe how lucky I am in the midst of a global pandemic, so I’ll just spill everything now: I have a home, a significant other to share it with, not much in the way of obligations, a pair of cute cats, and a profession and hobbies perfectly suited to waiting out the virus. But nobody wants to know this unless they already know all of these things and are either my friend or related to me. Is that you reading this? Hello buddy!

Honestly, I’m mostly doing this to practice my penmanship. Thats’ right, I’m writing this entire post longhand.

Don't believe me? That's weird, but I got you covered!
Don’t believe me? That’s weird, but I got you covered!

I’ve lost count of how many words I’ve erased and started over and over again, simply because I didn’t like the way it looked. I’re been journaling in cursive for a few years on and off, and Ive grown to love it as an exercise in patience, and as a different way to relate to words. You’ve never stopped talking mid-word because you got all hung up on how a lowercase r is formed, have you? I spent at least a month obsessing over that very letter, and if you ask me I still make a mess of them.

So, if you enjoy inconsequential nonsense like this, I’m glad I got this much out for you! I have a terrible track record when it comes to consistency, though, so I’m putting my money on nothing (who has money right now anyway?) and making no promises.

See you next time, which may be as long as a few years if my luck holds. Uncertainty ahoy.